A TSKG Response to COVID-19 – Thanks a Ton for FOOD/CASH Donation Drive Contribution

TSKG COVID-19 Donation Drive

Greetings all!

Thanks a ton for those who have contributed to the food and cash donation drive! As of today, we have collected $2085 (almost 50% of our milestone) and a few cans of food!

We are continuing to make GREAT progress towards our common goal – helping out each other during these difficult times. History will witness how we responded to this one of a kind lifetime pandemic situation.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. So even if you are willing to contribute $1 toward a cash drive or one bag of salt that would make a big difference to our drive! That being said, please don’t feel shy in contributing any amount or food items (noted in link https://www.tskg.ca/covid-donation-drive/).

It’s noteworthy to mention few kids contributed from their piggy bank as well. This shows the level of commitment and future leaders whom we are inspiring. Kudos to all the kids who helped us so far!

We will be making the contribution towards the following non-profit organizations – SickKids Foundation.

We sincerely appreciate the following TSKG-ians for their generous contribution!

  1. Arun P A Palanisamy
  2. Ashok Ravi
  3. Balaji Kothanda
  4. Balasundaram Santhappan
  5. Deepa Venkata Ramana Rao
  6. Karthik Moorthy
  7. Karthik Radhakrishnan
  8. Kartik Sethuraman
  9. Kishore Jayavelu
  10. Kumar Nagarajan
  11. Manju Krishna Rajkumar
  12. Mohamed Imran Ghouse
  13. Pranesh Alavander
  14. Raam Kanna
  15. Ragu Sadagopan
  16. Rajaganapathy Namdev
  17. Sabarinathan Selvaraj
  18. Sankara Narayanan Ramamurthy
  19. Sathishkumar Masilamani
  20. Sathiya Chandhaar Sankar
  21. Satish Kumar Devasenapathy
  22. Satish Subramanian
  23. Senthilkumaran G
  24. Shaju Thadius Johnson
  25. Siva Rama Krishnan
  26. Sridevi Udhaya Sankar
  27. Srinivasan K
  28. Suresh Ram
  29. Vijayan Alagudevan
  30. Vinoth Rajendran

Thanks to volunteers Vijay/Ragu/Srini.

Please interac donations to donations@tskg.ca


Let’s fight this all together,

Stay Safe!

TSKG Donation supported by kids
TSKG Food Donation in Mississauga