Tamil Sauga Kids Group (TSKG)

TSKG (Tamil Sauga Kids Group) is a popular Tamil community in Canada

About TSKG

Tamil Sauga Kids Group, TSKG is a registered not for profit organization serving GTA for more than 5 years. TSKG is one of the popular and largest Tamil community comprising of local GTA residents. This welfare group was established to enable the Tamil community across the GTA come together and help each other while inculcating the Tamil culture within the children as they embrace and integrate with the broader community as next generation Canadians. A community that was formed with only 5 members back in 2015, today proudly has around 420 members who have migrated from India and made Canada their home.

On January 16, 2020, TSKG celebrated its 5th anniversary! TSKG conducts four major events through out year to embrace Tamil culture such as Thai Pongal, Chithirai Vizha and Deepavali, and one summer event to showcase kid’s leadership skills.


We help inspire and empower kids to embrace Tamil Culture to learn, network, advance knowledge, and strengthen our communities. We lead positive social change and deliver value to members through hope, advocacy and service, and bring people together to build better communities and dream.


To embrace Tamil culture among our next generation and build a community where kids are safe, strong & valued!

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